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Streetname and Address Range Lookup

This application may be used to validate a street name, as it contains a complete list of all valid street names in the County of Ventura. It may also be used to validate an address based on the address ranges. The street data is segmented, with street segments created by intersecting streets. The search results will display all valid address ranges by street segment, the city where the street and address range exist, and the side of the street. There may be physical street segments with no addresses, they will not be presented in the results list.

The address range information is presented as LeftFrom, LeftTo, RightFrom, and RightTo. The "from" and "to" represent the "low" and "high" values, respectively. While Left and Right refer to the side of the street when viewing the street segment from a perspective of increasing address numbers.

How to use this application

Select a Street Name from the Drop Down List (or type a Street Name in that field) and Click on the "Get Street Segments" button.